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Event-Tourism is a big part of young travelers life.

Concerts, festivals and sports events create moments to remember.
Tight schedule or countryside festival location does not always allow travellers to visit souvenir shops in the city and a merchandise tent at the event is often the only way to purchase a souvenir.
Travelstickers is the best solution for event-travellers. It can easily fit in your handbag and makes your luggage recognisable.

How Travelstickers can help events:

Stickers for merchandise points at events: highly profitable item, easy to store and increase festival awareness and visitors loyalty.
Free promotional stickers with your event logo: Cost effective opportunity to turn your visitors’ suitcases and laptops into an advertising platform.

Our structured approach and experience in the niche field saves your time. We gather all requirements and agree on production timeline. You can be sure that everything is set for the successful event.

Have an idea? Please contact us:


+31 6 11 23 28 77

Email: info@travelstickers.eu