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Travelstickers is an international company based in Amsterdam that offers city, events and hotel collections.
Today the company operates in 3 countries and have more than 200 retail spots. The main objective is to create an outstanding design and to help travellers to collect memories.
Travelstickers is a full production cycle company: starting from the design idea to printing, packaging and display building according to Travelstickers branding strategy. 
We share our travel passion through quality with travellers, buyers, retailers and business partners. 


The best memories travellers can bring home from their journey are Travelstickers. Stickers are considered to be the best souvenir and promotion solution. We acquire new destinations and expand globally. Through a successful partnership we continue to grow.


All our stickers are made from waterproof and mechanical impact resistant vinyl film that sticks tight, tolerates weather conditions and can be removed without any marks so you can easily use it on your luggage, cars, laptops, phones, books, bikes and any other smooth surface. We use the most modern technology and do not use solvent inks, so our stickers are safe for health and the environment. Our production is located in China and in The Netherlands and available worldwide.


We are constantly looking for partnership opportunities.
If you are looking to promote hotel, event or looking to start Travelstickers collection in your city please share your ideas with us and we transform this into action together.